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Stiga Silex 95 B Multi-Tool Power Unit

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Stiga Silex 95 B Multi-Tool Power Unit

The very versatile and multi-task power unit by Stiga the Silex 95 B is powered by a reliable 190cc Briggs & Stratton 675 Series engine.  It is Known as a 2-wheel tractor this unit is ideal for a large variety of year-round gardening tasks from cutting grass to clearing snow. Fitting an attachment to this power unit is easy and takes just a few minutes.

It is possible to buy a variety of attachments to go with this machine; Rear Cultivator, Grassland Mower, Scythe, Riding Plough, Brush Collector and Snow Blade.  They can all be fitted simply and easily and make many tasks in the garden light work.

The rear cultivator will plough through hard and unbroken ground it may take a couple of goes over the ground if it hasn't been worked before but it certainly saves alot of hard work. 

The grassland mower has a cutting width of 53cm and is capable of cutting through grass and nettles up to two feet tall.  The single bar blade cuts and scatters to create a even finish.

The scythe is quick and easy to fit and is designed to make light work of brambles and light shrub, it has a cutting width of 87cm and lays the grass to one side fr clearance at a later date.

The riding plough pulls through the soil earthing up veg such as potatoes with no trouble at all.

To maintain a tidy garden the brush ad collector attachment can be fitted easily and offers a 82cm wide seep that collects all the debris as it goes, with the option of a 105cm brush being available to purchase as well without the collecting box if you need a wider sweeeping area that doesn't need collection.

Something that possible wil oly be used a handful of times but efficient at clearing the snow is the blade which has a working width of 85cm and can be angled to clear the snow to one side.

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Product Name Stiga Silex 95 B Multi-Tool Power Unit
Engine Briggs & Stratton 675 Series
Capacity 190cc
Item Weight
Fuel Capacity 1 Litre
Warranty 2 Years Domestic
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