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Countax B255-4WD Garden Tractor With 36" High Grass Mulch Deck

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Countax B255-4WD Garden Tractor With 36" High Grass Mulch Deck

Countax B255-4WD Garden Tractor With 36" High Grass Mulch Deck is powered by a Kawasaki FR730V is a 726cc air cooled, 4-stroke engine, these are known for their reliability and power.  

Available on four-wheel drive models only, this revolutionary transmission design provides unbeatable heavy-duty four-wheel drive and stability with even weight distribution.

The 4TRAC transmission senses the level of grip required at each wheel and applies drive accordingly. This allows you much greater mowing flexibility in difficult and wet conditions. Grass and weeds on slopes can be cut where a standard two-wheel drive ride on mower might struggle.

The Dynamic Traction Control system avoids scuffing and skidding on the grass by varying the speeds of the front wheels as the tractor turns, with the outside wheel moving faster than the inside wheel to compensate.

This means you can cut and collect on the finest lawn, wet or dry, and yet have all the versatility of four-wheel drive for slopes and banks.

Every Countax tractor is fitted with OMS, Countax’s unique on-board computer. This system works independently from the main functions of the tractor, monitoring the engine, cutter deck and power take-off. It provides an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the operation of your machine – just like a car dashboard display.

Most Countax tractors include low fuel warning and RPMcounter. The RPM monitor on the electronic display indicates engine speed. If it falls below the optimum level when cutting dense grass, it is indicated on the dashboard, allowing you to raise the deck or reduce forward speed. This means the best possible cut for the conditions can be achieved.

The Countax C and B Series tractors feature a push-button controlled power take-off for driving accessories which has 3 differnet modes for the operator, Position 1 engages the cutter deck only – perfect for rough-cutting without collection.  Position 2 switches on both the tractor and the PTO to drive the Powered Grass Collector – there is no separate lever or control required and Position 3 will operate the PTO only – ideal for driving powered accessories such as the broadcast spreader or scarifier.

The seat can easily be adjusted using the fingertip control lever. An angled adjuster plate moves the operator down and closer to the pedals or up and further away.

The seat fitted to four-wheel drive models and the larger A Series tractors has armrests for additional comfort and support. The armrests fold to make getting on and off the tractor easy.

The lightweight deck height selector can be adjusted through nine incremental settings to provide a cutting height of 12mm to 101mm (dependent on type of deck).

The lever for the manual lift features a ‘trigger’ style locking system. The C Series and B Series tractors display the current height setting on the dashboard display.

The Countax park brake system is a cleverly designed safety feature. It prevents the tractor from starting unless the brake is engaged. This important safety device is fitted as standard on all Countax models.

Each tractor in the C, B and A Series is fitted with a bull bar. This tough tubular bar is bolted to the tractor’s chassis and is positioned in front of the bonnet. It helps to protect the tractor from accidental impact damage.

The bullbar has angled sides to help deflect tall grass and other material away from the bonnet.

The hydrostatic, foot-controlled transmission found on all Countax tractors is smooth and responsive. It is as easy to operate as the controls on an automatic car.

One pedal controls forward speed. Press it further and your speed increases. Release it and you slow down. Take your foot off the pedal and the tractor comes to a complete stop. There is a separate reverse pedal which works in the same way.

On a Countax, there are no gears or clutch pedals to worry about. The hydrostatic transmission is infinitely variable. This means that you have full control over the speed of the tractor at all times.

The Tractor comes with a 2 year domestic warranty *subject to terms & conditions.

More Information
Product Name Countax B255-4WD Garden Tractor With 36" High Grass Mulch Deck
Engine Kawasaki FR730V Twin Cylinder
Capacity 726cc
Blade Engagement Electromagnetic
Cutting Type Mulch & Side Discharge
Cutting Deck 36"/92cm
Trailer Hitch Optional Extra
Item Weight
Fuel Capacity 7 Litres
Transmission Foot Hydrostatic
Wheels 16" Front / 20" Rear
Warranty 3 Years Domestic
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